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[Text] Just testing. Love youuuuu bro. See you in 15 xoxo

[Text] Right back at cha, even though I refuse to use those stupid x things.

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[Text] .... What? You wouldn't mind if we got divorced? :(

[Text] Man. I would, that’s the reason I wouldn’t open the door.

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[Text] You will see me then. We need to talk about our marriage, husband.

[Text] If you want a fucking divorce I won’t even bother and open the door, bro.

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[Text] Can't we meet up at your place? Everybody is at home so yeah.

[Text] I guess we can, yeah. Be over in thirty minutes?

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[Text] Leaving school now? What about you?

[Text] Same, bro, same. Meeting up in half an hour at yo place?

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[Text] Yo husband of mine, we need to hang out.

[Text] You sneaky bastard.

[Text] But yeah we do. When are you free?

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“I hide my cockiness well enough to pin you as the cocky one,” Tony laughed. She rolled her eyes as he took of his shirt and flexed for her. “I probably am at least as strong as you. I mean, I don’t think you understand how much upper body strength I have. Just because I don’t have visible muscles, doesn’t mean they’re not there, thank you,” she retorted. “And I pole dance for a living. I don’t know how much more exercise I can get.” She looked over at him and then poked him arm. His arms were really nice, but she was trying to make a point so she wouldn’t comment and make his head swell. A chuckle passed her lips and she raised an eyebrow. “Tiny Tony? Well, I don’t hate it,” she shrugged. “And it’s much better than Phony Tony, so I’m good with it,” she said, scrunching up her face briefly as she teased him.

“Oh Sam’s even going? Do you know who with? Maybe that’s the reason he’s been acting weird. Maybe it’s something to do with him and Spencer or someone else?” Come to think of it, he had been asking a lot about her and Connor but she hadn’t even asked him about how he and Spencer were doing or if they were even still dating. She laughed a little. “Yeah, you’re right. That big mouth of his sure doesn’t keep secrets very well.” Rolling her eyes again, she said, “Connor, just because you were girls on the outside doesn’t mean you’d be them on the inside. And I’m a girl and it’s not like I talk about feelings, as you know too well, I’m sure.”

His reaction to her reply was probably one of the best things she had ever seen. His big goofy grin and cliche sayings almost made her giggle and blush like a little girl. But she was Tony so she couldn’t do that. She had to keep it together. So instead, she let a smile spread across her features and nodded a bit too eagerly than she had intended to. “Yeah, we’re going to try. And I doubt you’d suck all the time. Just occasionally,” she joked, not able to stop herself from taking a jab at him. She shook her head. “But seriously, I think it’ll work out better than we think it will. And I don’t want you to change. I mean, isn’t one of the major things they point out in those cheesy romantic comedy movies is that you shouldn’t try to change the person you love?” She really didn’t know. It sounded right to her. Why change someone when you fell in love with them just the way they were?

"You shrewd, shrewd person!", Connor chuckled and poked her back. He would be lying if he would have claimed he would be listening to Tony’s every word. Hell, they were talking about muscles and whether she had them or not. He knew she had them, because he most certainly knew her body quite well. All the soft curves, sharp edges, supple muscles and the smooth and milky skin were etched on his memory like nothing else. There was no other woman he had been with more often or more intense. Connor did listen to her, to the light sing-song that was her voice, but he was too busy staring at her than really letting the words sink in. Watching her talk was definitely one of his favourite non-sexual activities. However he did get that she surprisingly liked the nickname, he just grinned in response.

"I…", he drew the word out and shook his head, "…don’t think so. They’re not dating anymore. Sam hasn’t told me the whole story, just that they’re no longer a thing and he was the one who ended it." Connor snorted. "It was long overdue in my opinion, their relationship was more of a friendship than a relationship. I might suck at them myself, but that?", he shrugged, "That was really fucking sad to watch, I’m not even kidding." He half-smiled and looked down. "I do know that, yeah." Of course he did, the road to some truthful confessions of her had been in fact pretty stony. He chuckled. Stony Tony, another fitting nickname.

He couldn’t keep the throaty laugh from slipping past his lips. “You’re really cute, when you’re enthusiastic, did you know that?” He let a smile flicker over his features, before he said: “I just never told you, because I thought you wouldn’t like being called cute. Not a fitting adjective for a pole dancer and all.” The longer he looked at her the bigger grew the need to have her closer to him. And by closer he meant really just closer, closer as in in his arms. Now that they had found out what they wanted (each other, obviously) the next question was what to do now. Go home? Stay? Seal the deal with a firm handshake? Exchange some kind words? Eskimo kiss? Real kiss? He groaned mentally. This was still new, still difficult. Connor didn’t want to step on her toes, so he decided to ask. Asking was good. “I…”, he shifted a bit closer. “I would really like to kiss you right now, are you okay with that?”, his voice was soft, almost a whisper. He then took her face gently in his hands, as if he would break her if he touched her any stronger. A smile tugged at his lips, when he repeated his question. “Are you okay with that…girlfriend?”


Ahhh.  I’ve smoked a shit ton of weed in the past few days, not about to do anything harder.  Don’t need hookers either.  I should probably just leave.


How’s your sister?

And go where?

Haven’t really seen her those past days, but I guess she’s doing okay.



You’re welcome. It’s nice to be able to help someone’s vocabulary grow.

Such a nice and attentive person that Antonia Stark.